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Whether your facility is a preschool, high school, College or an institution of higher learning, Universal Security Services, Inc has the experience and expertise to achieve and maintain your campus security objectives. When providing institutional and school security guard services, there are numerous assets to protect — from classroom equipment to the students themselves — which is why Universal Security Services, Inc creates a security solution for your facilities that ensures all valuable assets and safety-critical areas are protected. Thorough coverage with the proper placement and movement of officers are strong deterrents to instances of theft, vandalism, mischief, and more serious crimes on your campus.

Each campus security officer we dedicate to your facility has demonstrated excellence through an extensive hiring process that includes an extensive background check, numerous interviews, writing and communications test and drug screening to ensure your facility is receiving a competent security officer.  Our unique officer standards and Platinum customer service will undoubtedly surpass your expectations for a security guard service.

Security FAQ’s
We have established a reputation for quality security services

Will Universal Security Services, Inc Protect my property, but also respect my privacy?

We at Universal Security Services, Inc adhere to all industry guidelines and regulations. We respect our clients’ property and privacy without compromising our duty. We provide ethics training company wide.

Is Universal Security Services, Inc a great company to work for?

We at Universal Security Services, Inc believe our employees to be our most important assets. Caring for their needs translates to superior client service. Content employees provide benefits to our clients and our company.

What can I expect from a Universal Security Services, Inc guard?

You can expect all of our guards to be: On time, in uniform, well groomed, oriented to security work, thoroughly instructed on duties, and supervised.

What is the ultimate goal for Universal Security Services, Inc for meeting my needs?

Universal Security Services, Inc’s ultimate mission is to meet all clients’ demands, tailor our services to each individual client needs and to employ the most ethical and responsible security officers in the industry. We wish to provide the highest possible security guard services in Los Angeles, Orange County, and all of Southern California without passing on the cost to our clients.

What is the benefit of a Security Guard?

Our proactive approach to security management allows us to respond to situations and events before they become problems. Prevention is the highest form of security.

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