Automotive Dealers

Automotive Dealers

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As one of the most prestigious service providers of auto dealership security guard services in the private security industry, Universal Security Services presents tailormade security solutions just for auto dealerships. Various people including potential vehicle buyers often visit your business. More importantly, your business comprises of yards with valuable vehicles that are to be sold. All those vehicles in your yard must be protected perfectly to avoid potential damages. Also, the activities of the visitors must be observed carefully. However, the security measures you take should not make your prospective buyers uncomfortable or uneasy. In other words, it is a matter of maintaining a high level of security while assuring a customer-friendly surrounding. Therefore, your auto dealer business’s security must be handled by a trained professional only.
Security guards at Universal Security Services, Inc can act precisely to match the environments exist at auto dealer businesses. These personnel are highly trained to secure the premises from unwanted visitors. Universal Security Services security guards will assure the safety of the vehicles, office premises, office equipment and staff. They will use their professionalism to assure a customer-friendlier business environment for visitors. All the Universal Security Services guards are trained to maintain high-level of professionalism and friendly approach without leaving any room for error.

Security FAQ’s
We have established a reputation for quality security services

Will Universal Security Services, Inc Protect my property, but also respect my privacy?

We at Universal Security Services, Inc adhere to all industry guidelines and regulations. We respect our clients’ property and privacy without compromising our duty. We provide ethics training company wide.

Is Universal Security Services, Inc a great company to work for?

We at Universal Security Services, Inc believe our employees to be our most important assets. Caring for their needs translates to superior client service. Content employees provide benefits to our clients and our company.

What can I expect from a Universal Security Services, Inc guard?

You can expect all of our guards to be: On time, in uniform, well groomed, oriented to security work, thoroughly instructed on duties, and supervised.

What is the ultimate goal for Universal Security Services, Inc for meeting my needs?

Universal Security Services, Inc’s ultimate mission is to meet all clients’ demands, tailor our services to each individual client needs and to employ the most ethical and responsible security officers in the industry. We wish to provide the highest possible security guard services in Los Angeles, Orange County, and all of Southern California without passing on the cost to our clients.

What is the benefit of a Security Guard?

Our proactive approach to security management allows us to respond to situations and events before they become problems. Prevention is the highest form of security.

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